Stasis [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Stasis:

There is episteme, which is connected with stasis, as mneme is with meno.

He's just in stasis—in a state of totally suspended animation.

They found a couple of civilizations in stasis and another that was about to go that way.

A mineral saturation that had held time and change in stasis.

Except for a stasis of very long duration, there is no sensation of time.

Magnology is safe, stressless, and permanently powerful in stasis.

A tendency to stasis begins to appear, accompanied at the same time by a considerable reduction in the supply of arterial blood.

Stasis of the bile must be prevented or stones will be apt to form.

Its detector unit, hovering impatiently just outside of Brion's stasis field, darted down and settled on his bare forearm.

Accumulation of bile in the gall-bladder, stasis, and concentration are essential conditions.