Shivering [verb]

Definition of Shivering:

shake, tremble

Synonyms of Shivering:

Opposite/Antonyms of Shivering:




Sentence/Example of Shivering:

He bit his lip in his annoyance, shivering with a presentiment.

He was shivering, and fancied that she must be chilled by the early morning air.

On Easter Monday she was seized with a great fit of shivering.

Then, as he complained of pains and shivering, she became anxious.

In the evening an attack of shivering, with other symptoms, showed she was physically ill.

Mukhorty still stood with his back to the wind, shivering all over.

One was that he was shivering with cold, the other that he was afraid.

For a long time he was silent, only shivering as if in fever.

Jean and Maurice awoke, stiff and shivering, and got on their feet.

Shivering and haggard she perceived that it was still daylight.