Stirred [verb]

Definition of Stirred:

mix up, agitate

Synonyms of Stirred:

Opposite/Antonyms of Stirred:

Sentence/Example of Stirred:

I like to be stirred by emotion, I suppose, and I like to study character.

The sympathy of it stirred the listener to fearful memories.

As he opened the hall door, Christine stirred in the room beyond.

Kingozi stirred uneasily, turning his eyes in the direction of the scientist.

As they had fallen together, so together they stirred and rose—rose unharmed.

If she was told to do anything she stared vacantly and stirred not.

If the yeast is stirred in while the liquor is too warm, it will be likely to turn sour.

But somehow Steve's jeering remarks had stirred Bandy-legs' pride.

I am stirred somewhat, too, by pleasant recollections of the lad who looked like you.

But when he returned to the field, he saw that she had not stirred.