Clamorous [adjective]

Definition of Clamorous:


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Sentence/Example of Clamorous:

Herring gulls, clamorous and territorial, were parked on the jumbled rock jetties.

The arrival of Jim in the old car and Landy's clamorous calls broke up the conference.

Outside parliament a strong party in the city, led by Beckford and supported by Chatham, was clamorous against the government.

That is another clamorous relic of antiquity, that, were I master, should soon be at the bottom of the Thames.

The lands are consequently esteemed more valuable, and the proprietors have become clamorous for their loss.

At such a moment then, called our ladies-legatees, clamorous for hush-money.

It was very difficult to deal with all these clamorous visitors.

This their clamorous critics called “creating” for themselves forty millions of dollars.

For you may hear no more her faltering feet, But are left lonely amid the clamorous war Of angels upon devils.

His last words had been almost drowned by a clamorous knocking at the closed door.