Curbed [verb]

Definition of Curbed:

repress, restrict

Synonyms of Curbed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Curbed:

Sentence/Example of Curbed:

There are even prohibitions against ice-cream trucks playing their jingle once they’re parked at the curb.

According to charging documents obtained by ESPN, La Russa is alleged to have run his car into a curb alongside a Phoenix-area road shortly before midnight.

Police said Kunene kept driving, jumped a curb and sideswiped two other police vehicles before hitting another police vehicle head on.

Since then, a revival of operations in Europe has been stymied as countries implement a new wave of Covid-19 curbs, while the North Atlantic market the airline also serves remains largely closed.

On this particular day, Gluesenkamp learned, a California highway patrol car had parked at the curb near the manzanita.

If this virtual playground wasn’t already the 21st century’s equivalent of sipping Slurpees on the curb in a 7-Eleven parking lot, covid-19 has certainly made it so.

OPEC and allied producers — who agreed to slash crude exports in April — are weighing whether to delay an easing of those curbs to buttress crude prices.

Because of the current health pandemic, if you have concerns about offering open houses then as a seller you must present the curb appeal of your home through online platforms.

Recommendations and trends will get new curbs intended to prevent abuse.

When they didn’t, Parks pulled up and drove onto the sidewalk curb to block their path, they said.