Intangible [adjective]

Definition of Intangible:

indefinite, obscured

Synonyms of Intangible:

Opposite/Antonyms of Intangible:

Sentence/Example of Intangible:

Until then, offsets had seemed abstract and intangible to me.

Though it can be viscerally felt, company culture is a largely intangible thing—all the more so when there’s no office to bring people together and serve as a physical manifestation of an organization’s style or values.

It’s these intangibles that provide context to music, and these difficult-to-describe elements can’t be represented in data that software understands—at least for now.

This is a necessary resource, just as familiar as the first one, including both tangible and intangible assets.

Yet there were so many intangibles — a love of nature, the busy pace of life, the high cost of moving — that conspired to keep us from leaving.

The way seemed perfectly plain, and yet everything seemed intangible, unreal.

What becomes of the invisible and intangible molecules which have composed our body during life?

It was his link with the otherwise inaccessible and intangible elements in her, the elements that made for separation.

Instantly in a single dazzling flash of flame the tangible forest symbol vanished in intangible fragrance.

Besides, we shall have to examine whether the earth be invisible without fire, and the fire intangible without822 the earth.