Factual [adjective]

Definition of Factual:

real, correct

Synonyms of Factual:

Opposite/Antonyms of Factual:

Sentence/Example of Factual:

He pleaded guilty last year to one count of misconduct in office for making “intentional misrepresentations and factual omissions” in Webster’s application for certification.

Yes, science accumulates factual knowledge, but it is at its best when it generates new and better questions.

Our ancestors evolved in small groups, where cooperation and persuasion had at least as much to do with reproductive success as holding accurate factual beliefs about the world.

In ideologically charged situations, one’s prejudices end up affecting one’s factual beliefs.

I only wish to avoid vulgar exaggeration, to keep within the bounds of the factual.

Factual material, however disguised, often shines through its fictional background.

The last of the internal senses is that of factual memory, the power which retains the judgments made by the faculty preceding.

Logically, any factual proposition is a hypothetical proposition when it is made the basis of any inference.

The better element meets the better element, and he makes factual, intelligent reports.

Ultimately we should have to be satisfied with some factual conjunction and method in events.