Itemized [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Itemized:

She ran her eye over the itemized account, smiling a little as she did so.

For an itemized description of the amount of credit given see chart on last page.

He could hardly bring himself to read through the long rigamarole of specifications which each insurance paper itemized.

It came to about fifty-five dollars, wholesale, said Helen, looking down at the itemized list she held.

Next, we turned dealers ourselves and rendered itemized bills and receipts to purchasers of garden materials.

Very few of the small accounts against the contingent fund were itemized.

He itemized them, including some fifty unclaimed parcels of small bulk that had accumulated during the year.

The first word of every group of words paragraphed separately in an itemized list, as in an order for merchandise.

In the first place the publication of monthly itemized statements of all the proceedings is required.

Stranded short-finned pilot whales may be confused with any of the species itemized under living animals.