Particularized [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Particularized:

He generalized, he particularized about the blacks; he told anecdotes.

But with his old doggedness he particularized his statement.

The last boy in the sketch, 6, need scarcely be particularized.

He particularized a complaint for every joint in the landlady's body.

Of the whole number, is there so much as a single one particularized?

Charges, not particularized: said of them, not so much as that they were the same as before.

Moreover, the house is particularized; it is the house of Judas.

The conclusion of M is absurd, but need not be particularized.

As for what we might add with reference to the Timao,2352 it has already been particularized.

There were even hints about that and later they particularized and it made me as sick as possible.