Etiquette [noun]

Definition of Etiquette:

manners, politeness

Synonyms of Etiquette:

Opposite/Antonyms of Etiquette:

Sentence/Example of Etiquette:

There is no etiquette rule that dictates who should initiate holiday calls.

We usually enjoy our meals together at the table, but of late, he has abandoned all forms of dining etiquette.

It’s also created new—and sometimes contentious—etiquette and social dynamics.

This covers basic gun safety, hunting regulations, rudimentary outdoor skills, and general hunting etiquette.

Wedding etiquette right now comes down to how couples can prioritize not only their health, but also the health and safety of their loved ones.

If you wanted to let her go you did so; if not, you talked in the squeaky voice that is the recognized etiquette of the carnival.

In Havana, as throughout Cuba, there is a cigar etiquette, to infringe any of the rules of which is construed as an insult.

Etiquette exists in some form in all countries, has existed and will exist in all ages.

The attention to the small details of table etiquette is one of the surest marks of good breeding.

The king, however, soon forgot the neglect of etiquette in the momentous questions which were pressing upon his attention.