Popularity [noun]

Definition of Popularity:

recognition, celebrity

Synonyms of Popularity:

Opposite/Antonyms of Popularity:

Sentence/Example of Popularity:

At sight of this picture, my popularity went up with a bound.

The love of popularity seized him—popularity on the lowest scale!

Popularity with the people meant also popularity with the army.

Cooper's friends wished the play withdrawn, on his account, fearing for his popularity.

But the popularity was there, and the unconscious Serena believed it to be real.

His popularity with the people was unbounded, but in the midst of it all he begged to be removed to London.

Oh, why did the critics so damn the book it fairly leaped to popularity!

This popularity, if he had cared to exploit it, might have carried him far.

But his practice as a portrait-painter was not lucrative, nor his popularity lasting.

Alas for the popularity of personal qualities,—how short-lived is it ever!