Intellect [noun]

Definition of Intellect:

capability of the mind; someone with capable mind

Synonyms of Intellect:

Opposite/Antonyms of Intellect:

Sentence/Example of Intellect:

Not just your intellect but also — and most hard to replace — your heart.

“Mayor Buttigieg has impressive credentials that demonstrate his intellect and commitment to serving our nation,” Wicker said.

“Don’t let the complexity of your intellect cloud what needs to be simple,” she said.

A new study by the nonprofit Strada Education Network reveals that for many surprising reasons students who have the motivation and intellect to do well are still receiving too little guidance on what courses they need to succeed.

Parent applied his versatile intellect to a vast scope of scientific fields.

From the very beginning, the city has been a nexus for education and intellect.

How much of the imagination, how much of the intellect, evaporates and is lost while we seek to embody it in words!

It is the will directing the activity of the intellect into some particular channel and keeping it there.

In running over many words, the intellect might be arrested by chance.

The intellect might be abolished so far as its participation in such an operation is concerned.