Confrontation [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Confrontation:

For obvious reasons, that increases the likelihood of a violent confrontation.

The app’s developers claimed the app fostered public safety by letting users locate and avoid confrontations between protesters and police.

After a confrontation in which he fatally shot one man, police say, Rittenhouse fell while being chased by people trying to disarm him.

The confrontation, resolved over the weekend, is the latest in a string of clashes centering on the software sales-related growth engine of America’s most valuable company.

A confrontation with the police could have been very dangerous for Cooper.

Never did God, who delights in antitheses, produce a more striking contrast, or a more extraordinary confrontation.

The test of a civilized person is first self-awareness, and then depth after depth of sincerity in self-confrontation.

And this new confrontation with another and still newer world, with another Unknown, demands a new religion, a new God.

But he cursed himself for a fool and a coward, not to have gone away—abroad—long ere such a possible confrontation threatened him.

At last she saw his table, and the direct confrontation of his stare.