Detonation [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Detonation:

At the same instant a detonation was heard, and a bullet cut away a branch just over the Chiefs head.

Two minutes afterwards the ship blew up with a glorious detonation.

The word explosion is always used concretely (an explosion, or a detonation as chemists commonly call it).

For a long time the detonation of the artillery and the rattle of musketry continued unabated.

There was a flare of colored lights, a deafening detonation—and he felt himself knocked breathless against a wall.

Shagarach started to raise her, but the terrible detonation of a pistol rung out, sacrilegiously invading their quietude.

It did not seem reasonable that if the monsters possessed a detonation beam that they'd turn it on their own confederates.

To contrive it, a man would have to know how the detonation field worked and how far it extended.

At length there was a loud detonation, and a column of dirt and smoke in the garden next below us.

As I emerged from the archway of the hotel I distinctly heard a second detonation from the same direction.