Ignition [noun]

Definition of Ignition:

explosion; on fire

Synonyms of Ignition:

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Sentence/Example of Ignition:

“When we look at the data on the science side, SDG&E has substantially reduced their ignitions in the last 20 years,” Kolden said.

She offered what she knew about Jim’s condition on the day he’d arrived at the clinic, though it was clear he’d been in rough shape — his car keys still dangled in the ignition.

About 95 percent of California’s wildfires are ignited by human sources like powerlines, and sprawl increases ignition risks and puts more people in harm’s way.

Her eight-month-old wounds are still painful, and the sound of the clicking ignition on her stove makes her jumpy.

In early 2014, the company had to recall almost 2 million vehicles that had faulty ignition switches.

Decomposition of cryolite by ignition with carbonate of lime.

He reached for his switches and shut off his ignition, to prevent an explosion when the ship struck.

The regulus of antimony is of a silvery white colour, of a scaly texture, very brittle, and melts soon after ignition.

Iron will also become magnetical by ignition and quenching it in water in the position of the dipping-needle.

The amount of compression of the charge before ignition also has material bearing on the force of the explosion.