Declaim [verb]

Definition of Declaim:

proclaim; get on a soapbox

Synonyms of Declaim:

Opposite/Antonyms of Declaim:

Sentence/Example of Declaim:

Their speeches were not so long, and they did not declaim so vehemently.

It was her hobby to declaim against the popular idea of the existence of the human spirit apart from the body.

He may as usefully declaim against friendship, comradeship, the love of man for woman or of mother for child.

Without this pivotal action, the reader is apt to declaim a monologue, and confuse it with a speech.

The same servant would declaim, with the quaintest, semi-tragical gestures, Pinens rle in Boris-Gudunov.

In vain does the author declaim on the high premiums given for the loans during the war.

They would do less harm, of course, if they should declaim against him.

He did not declaim his speech, but gave it forth with dignified sadness.

What I do mean is preach your sermons and do not declaim them.

They learned by heart the most celebrated dialogues of Racine and Voltaire, and they used to declaim them in the corridor.