Schema [noun]

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The schema is, in itself, always a mere product of the imagination.

The schema of necessity is the existence of an object in all time.

Number is strictly not the schema of quantity as such, but of totality.

Now we must assume that the schema of quantity is really what Kant says it is, viz.

The turn of expression is called a Trope, and change of construction is called a Schema.

These do not proceed according to the schema of the ordinary play of accident.

The schema of cause and of the causality of a thing is the real which, when posited, is always followed by something else.

Hence the schema is properly only the phenomenon, or the sensuous conception of an object in harmony with the category.

The psychological idea is, therefore, meaningless and inapplicable, except as the schema of a regulative conception.

That concept adheres to the schema of those who affirm the universe to be made: Naturalism excludes it.