Fabric [noun]

Definition of Fabric:

cloth, material

Synonyms of Fabric:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fabric:


Sentence/Example of Fabric:

Researchers largely concur that the power of rituals rests within a larger social fabric.

The world of gravitons only becomes apparent when you zoom in to the fabric of space-time at the smallest possible scales, which requires a device that can harness truly extreme amounts of energy.

“The only way to add parks would be to destroy the historic fabric of the neighborhood and that’s never acceptable,” Torio said.

The effectiveness of fabric masks was in question early on, but studies now suggest that these masks can help curb transmission of the virus — if most people wear them.

The structure of the molecules that make up those fabrics lets them attract electrons or give them up, Guha explains.

It’s different from the cotton and other fabrics used in cloth masks.

Just as a quilt is made from patches of fabric, the tongue is covered with different patches of bacteria.

People have been weaving silk fabrics for more than 5,000 years.

These “nonstick” agents are used to coat many frying pans, food packaging materials and fabrics.

What they need is the social fabric that supports those kids and allows them to see themselves in the future.