Chasten [verb]

Definition of Chasten:

correct, humiliate

Synonyms of Chasten:

Opposite/Antonyms of Chasten:

Sentence/Example of Chasten:

His delays are all designed for good, either to chasten or to try, and thus confirm and bless His people.

The great God above may chasten us in his wisdom, but rest assured He will never forsake us in His justice.

The lonesome fields and the crumbling houses would touch my imagination, and perhaps chasten my spirit.

But wisely before they preach unto others do they rouse themselves by virtues from the sleep of sin, and do chasten their bodies.

They are feminine in the best sense, and have all the feminine power to attract, to chasten, and to subdue.

Love might be his again did he but ask it, and the love of as pure and sweet a creature as ever God sent to chasten a man's life.

The flesh had become so insolent in this Roman world that Christian discipline was needed to chasten it.

O Lord, rebuke me not in Thy wrath, neither chasten me in Thy sore displeasure.

He was a king who said, Chasten thy son, and let not thy rod spare for his crying.

Seeing and admitting all this, he heaved an inaudible sigh that did not touch his eyes or chasten his careless smile.