Afflict [verb]

Definition of Afflict:

cause or become hurt

Synonyms of Afflict:

Opposite/Antonyms of Afflict:

Sentence/Example of Afflict:

Furthermore, psychiatrists have deemed many visions the result of sleep paralysis, a poorly understood condition in which the afflicted wake up and find themselves unable to move.

The first person to consult, the last to afflict—a mother—should not be the victim of her daughter's feelings.

Had this been done, I should not have been here to-night—we would have had none of the troubles which afflict the country now.

The grand policy of theologians is to blow hot and to blow cold, to afflict and to console, to frighten and to reassure.

It is from this peculiar mental constitution that arise the woes that now afflict you.

The disordered currency of the country to which he belongs does not follow and afflict him abroad.

If her Majesty cannot beat me from her affection, I hope her sweet nature will think it no conquest to afflict me.'

Why, sir, how are we responsible for the slavery agitation that has produced all the evils and mischief which afflict the country?

The pains of separation, too, which afflict this mortal state, cannot exist in that "better country."

One of the common ailments which afflict poor humanity is rheumatism, a cause of endless suffering.