Confined [adjective]

Definition of Confined:

limited, enclosed

Synonyms of Confined:

Opposite/Antonyms of Confined:

Sentence/Example of Confined:

A yearlong legislative effort to end decades of controversial practices that often left confined children crying for their parents and tearing at the walls ended without a vote in the Illinois House on Wednesday as the legislative session expired.

He passed the latter part of his life in poverty, and towards the close of it, was confined in a madhouse.

In these rooms male and female alike were confined, at one time to the number of fifteen; each being allowed 3d.

His works were numerous, and some of them political, for which he was confined in the bastile nine years.

It is painful to add, that the latter years of his life were passed in prison, where he was confined for debt.

It was principally confined to the lower classes, and was common among soldiers and sailors.

The basophilic variety is less common, and is confined to long-standing severe myelogenous leukemia.

Meanwhile, the river had risen until it could no longer be confined in its bed, on account of the long winter rains.

Thus the increase of temperature that augments the elasticity of a fluid confined, would expand it in the same degree.

The use of the high-pressure steam agricultural engine was not confined to Cornwall.