Imprisoned [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Imprisoned:

“I will continue my fight for the freedom of Denis and all the brothers imprisoned and abused by a declining regime,” he warned in his message.

There is no imprisoned mind, heartbreaking time, or deafening silence that joy cannot break through.

Trial repeatedly delayed for imprisoned journalist at heightened health risk.

The journalists had been driving to interview a local political leader when armed men stopped the vehicle, examined the occupants’ phones and laptops and threatened them at gunpoint to drive to the town of Tel Hamis, where they were imprisoned.

In these enlightened days no man is imprisoned for owing money, but only because he does not pay it when told to do so.

The soul of music which is embodied in them is imprisoned within wood and crystal, and is no more heard of men.

Taken prisoner by the Americans in December, 1899, he was imprisoned on his refusal to subscribe to the oath of allegiance.

The royal family, imprisoned in the Tuileries, were each day drinking of the cup of humiliation to its lowest dregs.

Although Morgan was offered a commission in the British army while he was imprisoned, he violently rejected the offer.

It was the month of January, 1793, when the imprisoned monarch was brought into the hall of the Convention for his trial.