Spoiled [adjective]

Definition of Spoiled:


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Sentence/Example of Spoiled:

She justly remarks that, since I saw it last, it is all spoiled into a great big cat.

If only she had understood, and not spoiled, next morning, the effect of her words.

He was a spoiled child of fortune, if you wish to have it so.

"But I can't see——" Aggie began to argue with the petulance of a spoiled child.

The third act is "spoiled, by the characteristic Shakespearean language."

There could be no loitering; quick work was necessary, or a spoiled wheel was the result.

Under the circumstances, she looked like a pretty, spoiled little schoolgirl.

This very snow-storm, which has spoiled my skating, was packed up there.

He did not want to risk her awakening to a spoiled life and disappointed hopes.

She had become the spoiled darling, pouting at him in half-pretended vexation.