Sophistical [adjective]

Definition of Sophistical:

deceptive, confusing

Synonyms of Sophistical:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sophistical:

Sentence/Example of Sophistical:

What you say about the quarrel in the United States is sophistical.

Whether the reasoning of the Coromantee was correct or only sophistical, the facts were the same.

It is not necessary to repeat Reginald's explanation, as it was shallow and sophistical.

For sophistical reasoning it is a curiosity in legal decisions.

She followed him through all his sophistical reasonings with a keener reason.

She is too sentimental, too prudish with her vow and its sophistical evasion.

He palliated his conduct in a sophistical and Jesuitical manner.

He had plied the beadle's wife with sophistical reasoning and subtlety.

"I care little for the sword," says this sophistical writer.

And it was taken under the sophistical plea that it belonged to the nation.