Confounding [verb]

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In each pairing, one state has imposed tough and sometimes unpopular restrictions on behavior, only to be confounded by a neighbor’s leniency.

What confounded him was that we’d chosen to celebrate such a special occasion with, of all dishes, turkey.

As in the New York study, the researchers also accounted for confounding factors, but they calculated survival rates instead of mortality rates.

The roots of this lie in the phenomenon of dynamical chaos among gravitating objects, the confounding but mathematically chartable instability and unpredictability of celestial motions.

Even biologists and ecologists who might be inclined to mistrust an intruding physicist praise Gore’s respectful attitude toward their field and say that he’s making real headway on problems that have long confounded them and their colleagues.

This acute thinker seems to me to have fallen into a mistake by confounding land with labor.

Confounding realization then was that when Dale returned with her sister, Helen knew she would do the same thing over again!

Even experienced fishermen are capable of confounding the bull trout with its nobler brother of the streams.

To my utter confounding, Jason threw himself on the floor, kicking and beating it violently and letting out terrific yells.

Second, the people rejoice, and their pious faith seems to tend to the glory of God and the confounding of his enemies.