Demagogic [adjective]

Definition of Demagogic:

causing trouble, damage

Synonyms of Demagogic:

Opposite/Antonyms of Demagogic:

Sentence/Example of Demagogic:

One day the people might take these demagogic writings seriously and then there would be the devil to pay.

Wisely indeed, he retired from parliamentary life, after realizing that debating power cannot be acquired by demagogic speaking.

I do not mean anything demagogic; I do not mean to talk as if we wanted a great mass of men to rush in and destroy something.

It has introduced into the literary profession a demagogic habit, and has set up a quantitative instead of a qualitative standard.

This unfortunate declaration of Morris gave the Republicans an opportunity of unlimited demagogic appeal.

His speech was a demagogic appeal against co-operation with any bourgeois elements.

First, the inertia of the unorganized labor is too often stirred only by demagogic means.

I perceived that these vile emotions grew entirely from the demagogic spirit of the period, which must be taken in hand at once.

On both sides the anti-Semitic parties representing the extreme demagogic elements were present in considerable numbers.

Moreover, Katherine despised Bruce as a powerful, ruthless, demagogic hypocrite.