Nullity [noun]

Definition of Nullity:


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Sentence/Example of Nullity:

Will the Ultramontanes admit the nullity of the excommunication?

But at least it saved his face and rescued him from nullity—he who was their chief.

It is no longer necessary to demonstrate the nullity of the notion of race.

If my dear father's will be not a nullity, I have power over my fortune.

He therefore sought from "our" Church a declaration of nullity.

They abolished the Sabbath, and declared that Christianity was a nullity.

He sat there sacrificed to her purity, which felt more like nullity.

It seemed, this child, like the seal set on her own nullity.

He does not override the constitution, and treat it as if it were a nullity.

So many words can only serve to disguise the nullity of your projects.