Unavoidable [adjective]

Definition of Unavoidable:

bound to happen

Synonyms of Unavoidable:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unavoidable:

Sentence/Example of Unavoidable:

The sky was still overcast, and the wet bushes were unavoidable.

What might be unavoidable to one less instructed, would be sin in her!

By trifling but unavoidable accidents, it was delayed a few hours.

So he lay for a long time, thinking now of his unavoidable end and now of Pashenka.

When Mary made no answer, he added, “Your delays have all been unavoidable, my child!”

This was a delay of seven, possibly of eight, days, but it was unavoidable.

And even there we should have to put up with the unavoidable company of the devil.

There was that in him which made such an action on Lingard's part appear all but unavoidable.

He was unavoidable: and of course I never tried to avoid him.

Mr. Holt had left behind him apologies for unavoidable absence.