Uninformed [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Uninformed:

Hence the word became synonymous with ignorant and uninformed.

So too we are uninformed as to his lineage, except that his father's name was Simon.

To the uninformed this very exception might appear conclusive, but it is not.

To one uninformed, a pow-wow of Indians might have been supposed to be going on.

To believe that it did is the error of an impulsive and uninformed scepticism.

That man is often uninformed simply because the dispensers of information are uninformed.

One was Pete, ten were good-intentioned but uninformed friends, and one was Foley.

And yet to the uninformed mind it seems to be no problem at all.

It is only because the mind of man is uninformed, that he reasons in this way.

It is more ignorant to have adopted false knowledge than to be uninformed.