Unrelated [adjective]

Definition of Unrelated:

independent; different

Synonyms of Unrelated:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unrelated:

Sentence/Example of Unrelated:

One felt so helpless, and even worse—so unrelated, in a way.

And the unrelated, inexpressive voice said: 'Give me your hand.'

Before we separated, he gave me a piece of unrelated observation.

The lines of wall, floor and ceiling were strangely off proportion, zigzag, unrelated.

But positivists are those who try to find the unrelated in the ward of a city.

Now, people may be uncommonly like each other in face and figure and be unrelated.

Absorbed in the two unrelated interests, he gradually came to connect them.

Nature is evidently not a chance collection of unrelated particles.

You know, with your mere mind, but you can not appreciate, how unrelated my life had been.

These points are not unrelated points; these forces are not unrelated forces.