Diverse [adjective]

Definition of Diverse:

different; various

Opposite/Antonyms of Diverse:

Sentence/Example of Diverse:

By having a very broad and diverse ambassador and influencer network, it allows us to become a very inclusive brand.

London Met’s diverse intake, which includes a high proportion of mature and postgraduate students, have helped it stay on track to meet its recruitment targets this year.

Of the 12 directors at McDonald’s, half are women or racially diverse, including the chairman of the board.

It’s encouraging to see international organizations trying to include more diverse perspectives in their discussions about AI.

By the 2000s, the neighborhood had lost nearly two thirds of its population, and was racially diverse but desperately poor.

According to the job posting, the director of diversity and inclusion will be responsible for increasing and retaining people from diverse backgrounds, among other things.

Citi’s board is already the most gender-diverse among S&P 500 banks.

A priority for investors should be making sure the companies they invest in are more diverse and inclusive, specifically focusing on the corporate leadership level.

It’s easy to think of this statistic as a sign of privilege among Gen Zers — until you remember that they’re the most racially and ethnically diverse demographic in American history.

Newspapers traditionally served as gatekeepers of information, and while that system had its flaws — particularly in its lack of diverse views and voices — it often succeeded at keeping the most fringe views of society from reaching larger audiences.