Contrasting [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Contrasting:

DoorDash and Airbnb, by contrast, became dominant in their sectors by focusing on places where there was little if any competition.

By contrast, “Nation to Nation” a text-heavy show that you might have felt rushed to take in before, has plenty of ideas and information to fill an entire visit.

The encouraging report arrived in sharp contrast to bleak news about the pandemic.

By contrast, Democrats will control the redistricting of, at most, 73 seats, or 17 percent.

In contrast, by monkeying with LWCF budgets, Bernhardt is threatening thousands of good-paying jobs in the outdoor recreation industry right now, in the middle of the worst economic recession in living memory.

In contrast, he notes, dusty snow might reflect only a third of the sun’s light.

In contrast, communities with lower housing costs that have adopted more balanced short-term rental regulations – such as Oceanside and Carlsbad – have more lower-cost accommodations along the coast.

In contrast, the new research focuses on Indigenous people living in the Bolivian Amazon.

An interior coating sharpens contrast, helping you recognize changes in terrain and make quick decisions.

A weather-treated upper, warm lining, and reverse-lugged outsole keep feet toasty and dry, while the Vans signature stripe, contrast stitching, and detailed laces keep it stylish.