Battling [verb]

Definition of Battling:

fight, struggle

Synonyms of Battling:

Opposite/Antonyms of Battling:

Sentence/Example of Battling:

We’re all trying to support restaurants in our own ways, and honestly, the love we have for the industry as a whole is making the effort to “support restaurants” seem like a vague and unending battle.

Most people are not poachers, ivory collectors or intentionally harming wildlife, but silence or indifference to the battle at hand is as deadly.

While “Age of Calamity” can feel like an uneven series of battle ballets, it does have its share of astonishing dances.

For them, it’s a battle for local control over setting water rates.

Amid battles over such issues, however, the state has gone from predictably Republican to a tossup.

Bruce Willis battles an alien life form aboard an interstellar ark en route to a New Earth in Breach.

This guy can really throw the ball, and they are certainly going to try to push the tempo, and they have some electric skill players on the outside that can really hurt you in one-on-one battles.

Democrats are probably hoping that the state court can play a backstop to any map-drawing battles they lose this year.

When they got to Dachau, Sparks didn’t expect “much of a battle,” according to his later testimony to the Shoah Foundation — and he didn’t get one.

The GOP's legal strategy isn't getting the sort of coverage that the battle over Florida in 2000 got, for that reason.