Contesting [verb]

Definition of Contesting:

argue, challenge

Synonyms of Contesting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Contesting:

Sentence/Example of Contesting:

Running a hashtag contest on Instagram, asking intriguing questions by creating polls and quizzes are also great ways to create user-generated content.

The startup’s last application they shipped, “Finger on the App” launched a huge online contest that ended after multiple winners who spent several days with their finger sitting on their phone screen.

The uncertainty has delayed our own reader contest, but we should again thank everyone who sent us their picks.

It could be some time before the result of the close contest for the US presidency becomes clear.

The change could diminish the role special interests, particularly the teachers union, play in those contests.

Elsewhere around the county, voters in the South Bay are electing a new county supervisor for the first time in decades, but that race took a backseat to the presidential contest and several of the statewide ballot measures.

Lastly, Democrats are also in an enviable position because they stand to defeat some Republican incumbents in competitive contests, too.

On the podcast, Scott Lewis, Andrew Keatts and Sara Libby walked through their picks for the most interesting contests to watch on election night, including local ballot measures and statewide propositions.

Like many public HBCUs, most of A&M’s nearly 9,000 students are state residents, and their votes can make a difference in local as well as state contests.

This year, though, it’s possible that these contests are being overlooked in part because only a handful look competitive, and in most cases voters are expected to reelect sitting governors rather than usher in a new state executive.