Playmate [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Playmate:

I hope, Sir Oliver, ye have a son of your own to be his playmate.

Her only daughter, Gulielma, was the playmate and companion of Thomas.

And suddenly he saw her enthroned—a woman, not a child—a wife, not a playmate.

It was evident that it pleased him she should be the playmate of Nature.

Baby Constance was to her a toy, a doll, I was her companion, her playmate.

I'll send him to your folks, that you may have him for a playmate.

Now they are aware of each other, and each keeps an eye on his playmate.

She asked the question as a happy child might ask of its playmate—no hint of danger.

What a surprise he will be to Loris and how he will enjoy having a playmate!

Turning to his playmate, "Come on out, Jack; the gang is waiting."