Pard [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Pard:

Say, pard, I'd a-been wearin' diamon's if I could quit when I was 'head of de game.

Red he sees my pard passing a saloon, and he says, 'Hello, where did you come from?

In the afternoon he returned with his pard and tools for digging.

We'll not go gold-hunting to-day, pard, for I have something to tell you.

I know that, Pard Harding; but there is another way to look at this affair.

Say, pard, how about giving me a half-dollar to get breakfast?

His pard plugged him through the head, streaked out, got lost, died.

"You may bet your rocks that I'll tie to you, pard," assured the unknown.

After the princess went out this clerk said, "Pard, you've struck it rich."

"No, pard," said the tallest and oldest of the three, in a weak voice.