Collaborator [noun]

Definition of Collaborator:

person who works with another

Synonyms of Collaborator:

Opposite/Antonyms of Collaborator:

Sentence/Example of Collaborator:

IBM is collaborating with leading academic medical centers like Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, and Johns Hopkins University to address TechQuity.

Center Women and the Rainbow History Project are collaborating to create a virtual LGBTQ women’s history tour.

Leimer said fintechs should also take note of the way subscription services collaborate.

Painters, sculptors, dance choreographers and photographers have found new ways to collaborate with AI algorithms.

As a result, parents and teachers have had to learn new ways to collaborate for the sake of the kids in their shared care.

Dbt also features support for automatically testing data quality and documenting changes, but maybe most importantly it uses standard software engineering techniques to help engineers collaborate on code and integrate changes continuously.

Real systems change calls for true collaboration—not shouting each other down—and who does the collaborating makes all the difference.

Improving inclusion and equity is not a competition, the executives agreed, and there is plenty of room for companies to collaborate more.

His team, collaborating with members of a local community at a high-altitude site in southern Peru called Wilamaya Patjxa, unearthed five human burial pits containing six individuals.

We deeply believe that Geocaching is making the world a better place, and we continue each day to collaborate and iterate to make the game the best it can be for our community.