Competitor [noun]

Definition of Competitor:

person willing to enter contest

Synonyms of Competitor:

Opposite/Antonyms of Competitor:

Sentence/Example of Competitor:

At the time, Galloway noted, that all stock-brokerages including the largest were racing to zero-commissions, thereby eliminating a key differentiator between the competitors.

In one bullish assessment, Evercore ISI analyst Josh Schimmer noted that Novavax’s antibody levels were “well above” what Novavax’s competitors had reported.

You can use related to identify not only direct competitors but also indirect peripheral competitors that you might’ve missed in your competitor research.

You do have competitors that keep you on your toes with their social media game plan.

Look at the domain structures of competitors in your new target countries to see what Google favors.

If a customer is looking for your direct competitor, it’s likely they’re in need of your services as well, so bidding on competitor terms is a great way to capture your competitor’s customers.

The last thing an organization wants is competitors monetizing on branded search results.

Businesses need to take actions to minimize as much as possible the effects of this trend and Google as their new competitor.

Since the situation on the market is changing dynamically, before running an advertising campaign, you should carry out a direct analysis of contextual ads, their results, as well as competitors.

You can start by mapping out your competitors and how their online presence is performing.