Contestant [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Contestant:

No contestant except the first leaves his place until tagged by the returning contestant.

I was not a contestant, but, notwithstanding, had occasion to use my weapon.

If the water is spilled over or the candle blows out, the contestant is out of the race.

An equal number of chalk marks are made upon the floor in front of each contestant.

Each contestant is given a row and is requested to try distances before being blindfolded.

When the last mark has been erased and the contestant crosses the starting line, the race ends.

Doughnuts are suspended by means of a string, so that one hangs about eight inches above the head of each contestant.

At the signal to go, the first contestant on each team stands on the two brick bats.

Each contestant sits upon a chair with his legs straddling the back and his toes on the bottom side round.

Each contestant by swinging the bag from the end of the string tries to throw it as great a distance as possible.