Competition [noun]

Definition of Competition:


Opposite/Antonyms of Competition:

Sentence/Example of Competition:

The team sifts through tools and monitors search term competition, so it’s not always bidding for the number one search term which could eat into margins.

While the competition with China heats up, private industry partners used the opportunity of the announcement to highlight the collaborative aspects of the new program.

Apple has also faced government investigations into its aggressive efforts to minimize its corporate taxes and complaints that it has abused control of its app store to charge excessive fees and stifle competition to its own digital services.

The competition to build the next spacecraft to delivery astronauts to the moon is getting serious.

And, by the way, Apple is adding a similar feature to its upcoming iOS 14 software, so the competition will only heat up.

While more ad tech vendors selling auctions to more advertisers drives up the competition, there are trade-offs like those that push for higher margins.

We actually embrace, and accept, and really want competition.

The competition for creators between TikTok and Instagram is not a zero-sum affair.

Knox says that there’s more competition over category-level keywords, because those come into play when the consumer is still shopping around with an exploratory mindset.

You have an infinite competition issue, because I can get millions and millions of true crime podcasts anywhere else for free.