Racing [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Racing:

He leaned over the saddle and spurred the pinto into his racing gait.

It's this sort of thing that kills the whole business of racing.

The Porter family were not the only dwellers of Brookfield who took part in racing.

"But it was racing injured the horse's leg," interposed Dolman.

They had been discussing the moral influence of racing; this seemed more like theology.

Crane's racing season had been as successful as the Master of Ringwood's had been disastrous.

In fact there's more done on honor in racing than in any of the business gambles.

On the 20th of May the horses were settled in their racing quarters.

"I didn't mean to," said Temple, pulling a racing stroke in his agitation.

There would have been no necessity for his racing, however, had he not lingered at home, talking.