Darting [verb]

Definition of Darting:

race away; propel

Synonyms of Darting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Darting:











Sentence/Example of Darting:

Instead of foam darts, the Rival blasters shoot small foam balls with golf-ball style dimples on the outer surface.

Quick as a flash he jumped in and dived down, down under where the fish were darting.

The man, darting around the rear of the roadster, started to plant himself in Matt's way.

He stood by the side of the little river, its clear waters showing the fish darting to and fro, as if in wanton play.

Long, tortuous lines of light showed immense numbers of large fish darting about as if in consternation.

She might struggle for her freedom, but she could not hope to avoid the darting, poisonous fangs of the snake.

Jims eyes were darting about the room to find the source of the ghostly knocks and scream.

Then, with the darting action of a bird, she was up to the higher ridge of rock with a single bound.

Richard sought Zeyneb; but the dwarf, the only one with wits enough to fly, darting through a door, was gone into the darkness.

He doubled, darting to the right and left; but high as the fever ran in his veins, the black was still the swifter.