Barreling [adjective]

Definition of Barreling:

quick in movement

Synonyms of Barreling:

Opposite/Antonyms of Barreling:

Sentence/Example of Barreling:

Barnum was there, and bought it all, lock, stock, and barrel.

With his big, barrel chest and narrow, little hips, Archie looks like two dogs grafted together at the midpoint.

Most geoscientists, he says, believe that the salt is impermeable, which means there’s no chance for the waste to escape into the surrounding environment even if one of the barrels holding the material were to leak.

Our adversaries have wised up, and now they’re attacking our elections, which is like shooting fish in a barrel.

That makes it responsible for three times more carbon emissions than a barrel of “light crude,” which gushes out of the ground in Saudi Arabia.

Neandertal babies had chests shaped like short, deep barrels and spines that curved inward more than those of humans, a build that until now was known only for Neandertal adults, researchers say.

That someone like Roger Stone, a longtime adviser to the president, had tweeted in August that it would soon be “Podesta’s time in the barrel” drew new attention to that question.

Both of these candidates are owned — lock, stock and barrel — by the big money in this country.

A district court justice said at the time that Carey was “close to the bottom of the barrel” of lawyers in Maine.

If oil stays around $45 per barrel—at the moment, it’s well below that—70% of those jobs will not return before the end of next year, the report predicted.