Shimmying [verb]

Definition of Shimmying:


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Sentence/Example of Shimmying:

Why, that music was enough to make a saint shed his halo and shake a shimmy.

Ah never wore anything but a cotton dress, a shimmy and draw's.

Why, Aunt Caroline, he doesn't know any more about theology than you do about dancing the shimmy.

"I want Kieth's sister to show us what the shimmy is," demanded one young man with a broad grin.

The leader of the band danced a sort of shimmy as he marched, at the same time tootling on a flute.

Rather than call it shimmy, resume the use of the old English words shift and smock.

He had even been known to dive under the water and shimmy up a tree that was reflected there.

She sees herself in the mirror of the dressing-table and commences to shimmy enthusiastically.