Thrusting [verb]

Definition of Thrusting:

push hard

Synonyms of Thrusting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Thrusting:

Sentence/Example of Thrusting:

He drew the cane out of the sand, thrusting the stick down in its stead.

"Yes, it is," said Letty breathlessly, thrusting it in and shutting the bag.

In one bound Hilary was at the door slide, thrusting it open.

Present, in his thrusting course, showed a bold and mighty arm.

Miss Burgoyne and her donkey were thrusting their heads in at the half door.

He would not believe the lie that fate was thrusting down his throat.

Anxiety was thrusting her heart up into her throat to choke her.

The girl leaned forward, thrusting—as if by an effort—some of her faintness from her.

"Devil take you, fool," snapped Gonzaga, thrusting him roughly from his perch.

But Luar had spoken of thrusting them into the base of the Cone!