Jostle [verb]

Definition of Jostle:

bump, shake

Synonyms of Jostle:

Opposite/Antonyms of Jostle:

Sentence/Example of Jostle:

The two chief bears rush at the Master and the other bears jostle round them, egging them on.

In short, he may gratify his every whim and fancy, without a pang of reposing conscience, or the least jostle of his self-respect.

The people crowd, the groundlings jostle, men of quality press forward to the platform.

In Oxford and Cambridge town and University are mixed together; shops jostle and elbow colleges in the streets.

The count also had dealings with the silversmith; for in the quartier Juif all classes meet and jostle each other.

He had not been able, in the language of the President, even to "jostle him from his chosen line of march."

The slum ends and sides of our Christian cities and huge heathendom, jostle elbows in the likeness of their moral conditions.

They would push and jostle one another, and toss their empty baskets in the air.

About five guys would get under a pipe and we would Jostle to all get wet as it was only a small stream of water coming out.

To do a thing was to jostle others, and to jostle and be jostled was the fate of every man of power.