Lob [verb]

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After rain, when rivers or brooks are somewhat beyond their usual bounds, a well scoured lob worm will take the best of fish.

I have experienced many sandstorms in Takla-makan and the Lob-nor desert, but hardly any so bad as this was.

I had heard in the Lob country similar tales of the sorrow of the swans when their union was dissolved by death.

Kolwah is a well-cultivated district lying to the south of the river, which in its upper course is known as the Lob.

Once in his match against Bill Johnston he was within a point of set and down from the sky a high short lob was descending.

The sight of a Londoners flat-cap was dreadful to a lob: a treble ruff threw a whole village into a sweat.

Even if I had to lob it under hand, I must send the ball over the net with this next stroke.

It is claimed the fierce storm always ceases shortly after the ka-lob′ is performed.

For though thou art very ungentle, harsh of tongue, of visage grim and manners rude—I would not have Lob harm thee—yet!

If this wind hold, nothing can persuade this lob-sided, ill-trimmed craft out of the bay.