Loft [noun]

Definition of Loft:

room on upper floor

Synonyms of Loft:

Opposite/Antonyms of Loft:


Sentence/Example of Loft:

If you’re one of the lucky few who naturally sleep this way, look for a pillow with medium firmness and loft to elevate the neck slightly.

Look for a pillow with a low loft, which puts the top closer to the mattress, and is filled with soft support from down or feathers.

The actual loft of the face changes as you go from the top to the bottom of the club, which helps negate the ill-effects of hitting the ball too early or late in your stroke.

The neighborhood boasts plenty of lofts, cafes, and trendy shops and restaurants.

Electric forces also loft dust into Earth’s atmosphere, Grossman notes.

She should not show panic because of the mysterious noise in the loft of the abandoned Carter house.

Frank climbs up the tall ladder to the loft, which is the second story of the barn, and throws down the hay.

I sawed off the upper four feet carefully, and stowed the remainder back in the loft.

I had rather sleep upon a pallet in a loft, by myself, than in the handsomest room in the house, with her for a room-mate.

So alarmed were we for our safety that we crossed that night into a third valley and slept in the loft of a horse-barn.