Chuck [verb]

Definition of Chuck:

throw aside, throw away, throw out

Synonyms of Chuck:

Opposite/Antonyms of Chuck:

Sentence/Example of Chuck:

In effect, Chuck and his team dared to trust that these clients would make good later on.

Once the pandemic hit, Chuck and his leadership began weekly “check-ins” of 75 minutes to listen to employees and address questions.

Each of them was chuck full of that dubious sort of pride that has busted up more than one love-fiesta.

He would chuck one under the chin, or feel diffidently the soft little cheek, but a closer familiarity scared him.

The chuck-chuck-chuck of the gas engine told that Welborn was already on the job at the mine.

Then he shoved the weapon into Denton's hand, and hurried him over the shingle with the remark, 'Now chuck off the fleece, Peter.

Dat one ob de beasts what chuck de pusson in de water alive in de sack, sar.

Chuck goes on at a great rate and succeeds in working up his own emotions until there are tears in his eyes.

Hatch's stop to light a cigar and to hand out a couple to the other two gave me time to chuck that notion and grab another.

You remember how he cleaned out them Maumee Muskrats at chuck-a-luck last pay-day?