Draping [verb]

Definition of Draping:

hang over, adorn

Synonyms of Draping:

Opposite/Antonyms of Draping:

Sentence/Example of Draping:

Seconds later the knotted drape she had used before swayed down into sight, I grasped it to steady it.

The great mountains rejoice in the sun, or drape their brows in clouds, irrespective of the eyes that regard them.

Both political parties, by a common impulse, "drape themselves in the Flag."

They are invisible garments that drape themselves about our spirit and give a predetermined form to all its symbolic expression.

Will somebody kindly drape that sun dial and hold back on time a little?

They drape themselves in mourning and mourn and weep as if the loved one had been destroyed and annihilated.

The president was directed to drape his chair with two Federal flags.

As he spoke he gazed anxiously toward the window, before which they had taken the precaution to draw a heavy drape after entering.

The others, especially the naturalist, are in duty bound to drape a gauze tunic more or less elegantly around her waist.

There will be whole bales of mistakes, a Gobelin tapestry to drape the world, and stacks of dead and withered "might-have-beens."